"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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     "It's Like Riding on Rails."

                                       - No Longer Just a Figure of Speech...

                                                                                                      ...It's a Reality.



  Introducing The New Patented Split Rail Aftermarket Snowmobile Ski.


Split Rail Skis are without question the most technologically advanced snowmobile skis on the planet. Being the most unique snowmobile skis available they turn heads left, right and centre on the trails. Sizzle isn't the only characteristic this ski possesses, the SRS also rocks the performance world. It provides jaw dropping control in all snow conditions. Long story short, these hot skis allow you to ride harder, faster and with more precise control than you ever thought possible.


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What the "Experts" have to say... 



• August, 2011 •


“ The Split Rail Ski design takes the whole idea to a new level. It changes the game because your dealing with way more carbide, way more control, way more ability to handle the speed and power of new snowmobiles with four contact surfaces rather than two. This is big stuff, this is not a small inconseqential change and it has the abilty and the potential over the years to affect ski design from this point moving forward. 


Motorhead Mark LesterSupertrax International . 

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 • August, 2011 •


“ Doubters today assume Split Rail's dual-axis layout is just another marketing gimmick, but after testing the skis last season we think this jump in design could have as big - or bigger - of an influence on the snowmobile industry as did the first composite snowmobile ski. 


- Andy SwansonSnow Goer Magazine            Click Here To Read The Full Article.  

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                                                                                  • February 24, 2011 • 


 So far this winter, I've toured over 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles) in every trail condition on my Split Rail Skis and they've out-performed their own promise. Out of the box the Split Rails improved my steering, cornering and handling, giving me more confidence as a rider and a greater feeling of overall control and stability. Don't let anyone tell you different – these new skis really work !  


Craig NicholsonThe Intrepid Snowmobiler.                                                                  Snow Goer Canada & OFSC Go Snowmobiling Magazine.                                                 Author of "Canada's Best Snowmobiling" - Your Ultimate Ride Guide.


  Click Here To Read His Latest Article.


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 Darting has always been an issue for sledders and while there are products out there that numb the effects...Split Rail has come up with the "CURE" and also delivers added performance that we're learning is hard to live without. 


A.J LesterSnowTrax Television.                                             Click Here To Watch The Video Clip.




• SnowTrax TV: March 14th, 2011As Aired on TSN, TSN 2 and The Outdoor Channel •

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  If you are the type of rider who just wants an excellent handling experience right from the get go... The answer is certainly a pair of Split Rail Skis. This new ski technology is the best solution to any handling issues that may be present with the Yamaha Nytro. If you are a current or future owner of a sled with this chassis consider a set of Split Rails simply a part of the cost of ownership... Not as an optional expense.  ”      Click Here To Watch The Video Clip.


Luke LesterSnowTrax Television.




• SnowTrax TV: January 17th, 2011. As Aired on TSN, TSN 2 and The Outdoor Channel •

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                                                                                                                                        • January 25, 2011 •  




I rode the "Rails" for 190km yesterday and came away not just impressed but literally blown away. You guys defiantly have the stuff in this design. The handling of the Skidoo XP 800 with "Rails" compared to the other three XP's (two 600's one 800) with me was night and day, black and white - exponentially improved. The trails were hard like pavement with tons of track lines - very, very dart prone surface. The "Rails" just rocked - laser straight when on-center, easy to point and shoot in the turns, you can change lines inside or outside or mid-turn. Initial turn-in is as linear as if you were on pavement. Just stupid good. 


Seriously, you would not ride a sled without "Rails" if you saw what we did yesterday. Well done !  


Motorhead Mark LesterSupertrax International . 


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