"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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Dear Rob,

I have to admit that initially I was sceptical of the Split Rail Ski, but when I bolted them on my 2011 Polaris Switchback Assault I must say I was pleasantly surprised. With no changes to suspension setup I was amazed at how the skis tracked absolutely straight, eliminating all darting and reducing steering effort.

As with any 144” long track machine, understeer or push in turns, is always a concern. The Split Rail Ski relieves snow build-up under the ski, reducing ski float in corners, providing superior turn in. I adjusted the rear spring blocks up 1 position to help with a little bottoming out in the rear, but also to add a little more ski pressure, which provided additional bite in the turns.

The Polaris Assault is not the best trail sled, but with these skis the front end of the machine is more predictable and comfortable to ride. In deep snow the skis sit up nicely and carry quite well, while providing great control and manoeuvrability.

To sum it up, if you want a snow machine that handles great, eliminates darting, and reduces driver fatigue through easier steering, I strongly recommend the use of Split Rail Skis.


Norm Woods


38 years sledding
Factory rider for Yamaha, oval track
Challenge Canada (Harricana) participant
20 year power boat racer
- 5 time Canadian Champion
- 4 time North American Champion
- World Champion
- Canadian Boating Federation Hall of Fame 2002
- Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee 2011

February 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNorm Woods