"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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Last year at the snowmobile show myself, my son and a few friends ran into your booth. We all listened to your shpiel about how good the skis were and I decided to order a pair for my 06 mach z 1000. You seemed to be an honest guy which is rare in the snowmobile industry. As we walked away after giving your wife the deposit, my buddies told me I was an idiot to spend a thousand dollars on a set of skis. I got a call from you that my skis were ready and if I rode up to the shop you would put them on for me. At the shop we talked a lot about snowmobiling as you and your son put the skis on. That is when I realized you spent a lot of time and money to develop the skis and you actually loved the sport. When I left the shop and got on the trail back to kashe lake I could not believe how precise the handling was and the ease of the steering. I have had arthritis in my hands and knees for over thirty years and when I ride it takes a toll on me. My mach Z is a heavy sled in the trails, but after putting on your skis it was a blessing and fun to ride again. When I got back to the cottage my son tried my machine and could not believe the difference. He asked me right away if he could get a set of skis for his 09 MXZ 600 e-tec, I told him I would make the call. The next weekend we were at your shop again and you put them on my sons sled. This time we talked for 3 hours and you took me and my son on a tour of your shop True North Log Homes. When we got back to the cottage my son had a smile from ear to ear and said he had much more confidence on the trails and felt more in control and that is from a Fifteen year old. The next days we rode more than we ever have. All of my friends have tried both sleds and are very impressed, so I asked them if I was still a idiot for the buying the skis, there was no answer, and they will be ordering a set next year. The biggest advantage I have found by using split skis is the ease of handling and control, especially on my mach z it is a 1000% better and my son's sled is know a ten out of ten. All you guy's who think your sled handles good you don't know what you are missing, all I can say is try them. Rob thanks for a great ski, to me this has been the best idea to hit the sled market.

Thanks again,

Ed and Daniel Rybacki

April 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEd and Daniel Rybacki