"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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Made in Canada & The U.S.A.


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The Sled:
2010 FX Nytro
121 Rip Saw
No studs
Split Rail Skis - Dual 6" Carbide

The instructions included to install the ski were very easy. I am far from a mechanic so outlining the correct wrenches and a bang on accurate diagram showing washer placement made this job go by with technical precision. With the sled already jacked up and tools laid out, start to finish took about 1hr ( that includes removing the factory skis).

Forest Trails:
The ski reduces steering effort considerable. The machine tracked, and carved through winding trails in a way that left you laughing while hanging onto the handle bars. A steady speed was easy to maintain zipping through the forest - no more on and off the throtttle. The ski will hold - trust it.

Open Field Running:
Sweeping turns at 80-90kph were daunting with the factory skis. Sometimes you would make it other times you wouldnt and you would have to go way wide. Taking corners through tree lines or fencelines were not something to gamble on and many times shutting her down and on the brake was the only sure way to make it through narrow slots. Now, the grip this ski has on fast sweeping corners is awesome. Confidence is there because the ski will hold - if you want to make, if you want to thread the needle - you can - just hang on.

Tight Turns:
From a dead stop, on a packed surface this sled will turn around in half the space of the OEM skis - no joke.

Ditch Banging:
It was a welcome surprise that when running on a bank, or side of ditch the skis ability to claw and hang on to the side was unreal. The brain was conditioned that gravity was going to get the best of you and drag the sled down like a stock car falling off the banks of Daytona, but the sled held on to the side like it had claws. You are not doing that with the exisitng skis, I guarantee.

Deep Snow:
In southern Ontario we dont get BC grade snow, but a 3-4' drift is still 3-4' of snow. The ski supported the sled like you would expect it to. There was NO noticeable difference. The Nytro isnt the lightest sled out there but the ski supported the weight in deep snow. The true testament was - never got stuck!

Overall, great idea, great product.
For the first time you can acutally place the sled where you want to with this ski.
The steering effort is nearly half that of factory skis. No more fatigue and longer continuous riding has been the result.
It became also apparent that the more chewed up the trail the better the ski handled it. Anyone can ride well on a freshly groomed trail, but to ride the same on a rutted, churned up trail where the snow is loose, and 'sugary' is entirely new territory.
Basically, I am doing things on the sled that flat out weren't possible without the Split Rail.

Thanks again,
Take care.
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Mark S.

February 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMark S.