"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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March 7, 2011.
Dear Split Rail Ski,

Just writing to you with some comments regarding your company and your product.

First I've been riding Yamaha since 1985, despite their "less than class leading" handling over the past few years. I'm a reasonably aggressive rider so my current sled is a FX Nytro. Because the snow in western New York is no longer what we were once infamous for and the fact that I am quite a bit older than the typical stub-nosed-high-seated-snowmobile rider, I chose the XTX model. Despite Yamaha's claim that the footprint of the track is the same as a 121" and the magazine writer's praise of the kicked up rail the fact is the sled actually rides on a longer wheel base than 121which does nothing to help its less than stellar steering.

The stock skis were replaced after the first ride, about 80 miles, with Ski-Doo Pilots. With quite a bit of suspension tweaking, removing all of the coupler travel and putting as much weight on the skis as possible, the sled handled very well but steered like a truck and still darted some on rutted trails and under braking.

Last fall ads for your skis, numerous magazine articles and talking to your reps at local show convinced me to purchase a set of your Split Rail Skis.At first the price seemed high but when compared to the pricing of all of the OEM components these skis replace they are actually less expensive. Anyone looking to repair a crashed sled would be money ahead to purchase your ski package based on that alone.

The fact that your skis come fully assembled quickens the swap process considerably. All new mounting hardware is a nice touch too. Your instructions are better than most and make it easy to remove the original components and install the new assemblies. Anybody can do this and no special technical or mechanical skills are required.

First ride on the Split Rail skis highlighted two things: 1) These skis throw a lot of snow. 2) There were some handling issues. Your quick and knowledgeable response to my concerns was refreshing in this day and age. Once the suspension was set back to stock, as you suggested, the issues went away and the handling was on par with the best the Ski-Doo Pilots had to offer. Better yet this handling was obtained with a lot less steering effort and absolutely no darting. Being able to get this kind of handling with stock suspension settings means that a lot of adjustment remains for personalization.

Initially the missing centre section raised flotation and durability concerns but these have proven to be unfounded. The split skis plane easily over fresh powder and drifting snow and withstand abrasion and impacts as well as any other plastic ski. Believe me, riding conditions here have already thoroughly tested them.

Thanks for a great product that actually lives up to the promises made in the advertisements and the hype in the magazine articles. Thanks also for your quick response and right-on solutions to customer concerns.

Keep up the good work and good luck in any future endeavours.

Dusty Ramsey
Franklinville, NY

March 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDusty Ramsey