"The Split Rail Ski takes ski design to a new level. It changes the game."                       

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Yamaha Testimonials > Night and day !!

Well, I have had split rail skis on my 2008 Yamaha Nytro for a full season. Now into my second season with them, I have forgotten just how good they work. If anyone out there has ever ridden an 08 Nytro before, they know that it won't turn. Which really sucks when you are trail riding, because let's face it, there are corners. When I, and a friend of mine with the same 08 Nytro, put the split rails on last year, we we're amazed!! The uprights change the geometry of the suspension on this particular model on purpose so that not only do you get the benefits of the new skis, but it helps it handle much better. So no darting etc. down the trail but when a corner shows up the sled doesn't want to tip over as you go through the corner anymore!! When you are trying to get through a corner you can accelerate without it pushing to the outside and having to get off the throttle. No more wrestling the sled through, on and off the throttle to get it pointed the right way, or hanging off the thing like a jockey on a side car!! These skis and upright combination on the 2008 Nytro has made a night and day difference. I rode my sled for 5 seasons with stock skis and uprights and forgotten just how bad it handles. If you own one of these sleds, you NEED these skis!!!!

January 4, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDoug Weaver